Insomniac Doodle #1

After a night of trying and failing to sleep, I pulled up internet and started to gather together some materials to create something. However, when I sat back down and looked at my screen Pinterest was up and this sculpted wooden figure popped out at me from the sea of images that flood a pinterest feed. I didn't even look at what I had grabbed before I started drawing.  When I was finished this is what I had. I don't normally sketch from sculpture. I usually draw from photo stock of people that I have either acquired with permission or created myself. I like the challenges using a sculpture gave me and may try it again in the near future.

Happy New Year!!!

Hello all! I hope that each of you had a wonderful winter holiday season. My own celebrations consisted of a house full of balloons, bubbles, and baked goods. With all the colds and ailments that come with this time of year, I unfortunately spent most of this past season sick and in bed fighting whatever new bug my children found at school. While all that sick has slowed my creative process, I have been able to move forward with many of my projects.

The images above represent the first 4 Art Cards in a series of 20 that I am creating. While I did not go into the series with a theme, one has begun to emerge. All the cards so far are nocturnal creatures, including those I have yet to complete. I have no idea if that's going to change or not, but I have promised myself not to force it. I am happy with the outcome so far and am excited to see how it continues to develop.

With my photography, I have now photographed 3 of the images in the Immortal series and am currently doing the prep work for the 4th. I am still not sure if or how I would continue the series but I have no doubt that if the series is meant to continue, it will. Beyond that I am now studying under Stephan Bollinger at the Arcanum. I am using my time with him to strengthen my understanding of photographic content standards, as I continue to practice long exposure portraiture. These are skills I need to enhance before I move forward with project Namaste' which on the photographic side will consist entirely of long exposure portraits.

For those of you wondering about my painting and sculpture work, this year is going to be your year.  I am actively working on several paintings and a wall relief sculpture that are due for completion this spring. The holidays also gifted me with the materials and supplies to start making small entirely resin sculptures. These should be available by late summer / early fall.

There is so much more that is currently in the works that if I continued this post much further, It'd turn into short story. So I'll just end it by saying thank you all for your patience and continued support. I look forward to updating you with all the new and interesting challenges and outcomes that fill out what this year is going to become.

- Namaste