Art Therapy is a purposeful use of artistic creation to foster self- awareness, reduce anxiety, and reconcile emotional conflicts.

I use this process to engage visually with the concepts and ideas I struggle with as an accurate reflection of my current headspace.  With each piece I am acknowledging that what is portrayed is true of how I think, how I feel, or what I see. This self reflection is present in all my works regardless of how realistic or abstract the final outcome.  To have these impressions manifest as art, facilitates my own acceptance of the originating ideas and encounters. Viewing a finished piece creates an atmosphere of calm and relief within me. That moment of healing is how I bring balance to my life.


My process of creation is one of active reflection and release. I begin by meditating on an idea or experience. Then slowly, I begin to transfer those thoughts onto a visible medium; line by line, frame by frame, and layer by layer. I use plastic based polymers, alcohol suspensions, and other synthetic products to create my pieces. Each layer supports the next by creating chemical bonds that trap and suspend the pigments inside.  Going back and forth I remove any aberrations or distracting elements by cutting, sanding or covering, before reevaluating the piece and adding on to it again. 

I continue to strive for a complete removal of natural elements and fibers from my work. As my process evolves and progresses, the traditional framework created by canvas, paper, wood and stone will slowly disappear as it transitions into a state of fully layered pigment suspension in a polymer form.


I was born in Kings County, New York, on a beautiful winter morning. In 1997, I served as part of the United States Armed Forces. It was during that time that I first started using the creation of art to ease the stresses in my life. I wanted to know and do more than I was currently able to. That's when I began to pursue a formal education in arts communication.  

Pursuing that education, is when I first began working with epoxies and polyurethanes. Still undeveloped, I earned an Associate in Fine Arts degree in 2011 for my photographic creations. While my photography was exhibited and published in local newspapers, I continued to researched and experiment with polymers.  In 2014, I began my journey toward a Bachelor's degree and changed my primary focus to sculpture. 

Outside of my formal education I also began studying with The Arcanum, a New Zealand based artist mentorship program. Under the mentorship of Jessica Lark I studied the formal relationship of creation and expression as a healing tool, studying the emotional and psychological impacts of color, shape, and perspective in image creation.

Select Exhibitions

2017: Unnamed, Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Addie Wuensch

2016: Art 4 Vets, Stratton VA Medical Center, Albany, NY

2015: RAW: Sensory, Charlotte, NC - Catherine Hooper

2014: State of the Art/Art of the State, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC - Nora Burnett Abrams, Peter Eleey, Laura Hoptman, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson

2013: NC Fetish Art Festival, Durham, NC

2012: Fear, Projekte Gallery, Wilmington, NC - Kraig Bienias

2012: Art Takes Times Square, Times Square, Manhattan, NY - Chashama & Artists Wanted

2011: State of the Art/Art of the State, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC - Susan Davidson, Nicholas Cullinan, Apsara Di Quinzio, Timothy Anglin Burgard